Sunday, May 4, 2008

Here's to life

Is it possible to trade in your life for someone else's?? I'm only kidding, but seriously, don't you have those days when you wish you could be some one else, even if only for a day??
And don't get me wrong, I love my life. well i'm content in my life, it's actually amazing that i'm not depressed or something given my current circumstances. (i.e. no job, etc...) Anyways, I am here to say that besides the obvious, I am a very happy person, and I think that it is all because of my family, friends, and the gospel. Who knows where i would be with even one of those things missing. So thank you my friends and family, for without you i would be homeless and on the street, maybe not that extreme but you get me drift.
And I think that if something like trading lives were possible it wouldn't be pretty, just watch wife swap, if you know what i mean.


Naco said...

Yeah, I think about being someone else, for a day...especially when shopping. I'll pick someone with deep, deep pockets!!! Ha, ha...:)
Can't wait to see you!!!

angie said...

i would only trade lives with someone with very deep pockets too

mj said...

I'd rather live my life on a beach living off some inheritance then work for any of these companies!
I'd only trade with someone who owned there own island, had a private jet and full service spa available at all times!

bennet said...

lol...wife swap, eh...i have watched that show and i'm not sure why people do it??

as for swapping lives, i don't know...but it would be nice to do it for like a day or know...i think i would want to be a wealthy free spirit who jetsets around the world doing good for others during the day and has wild crazy fun in the probably some goodheart trust fund baby from

I'm Crystal. said...

hmmm...Sometimes I think about that movie "Sliding Doors". Sometimes I imagine where I would be at this point in life if I had taken a different option at various points in my past.
Occasionally I imagine that I'd like to live that parallel "me" for a day.
Does that count?