Friday, May 23, 2008

the movie corner

So I recently watched national treasure 2 and it was what I expected. This movie is proof that Disney sucks whatever life they have out of a good film. The first National Treasure was fun, exciting, and different. It had a good plot, humorous script, it was just highly entertaining. In this second film all the jokes were old, the plot was weak, and they needed a better antogonist. So I don't think this movie was worth the time and i wouldn't recommend it to many people, but then again that's only my opinion.


I'm Crystal. said...

Seriously? I watched this the other night and I enjoyed it. I don't really remember the first NT and I don't watch enough TV/movies to really be on top of things, so maybe I'm just easily impressed.

angie said...

i don't know it didn't really do a lot for me, and i kinda tend to be critical woth movies, especially sequels