Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I guess it is Utah

So I recently read the new novel by Stephenie Meyer (Twilight) "The Host." I wasn't planning on reading it but Nila told me to. So due to peer pressure coming all the way from San Antonio I went out on a hunt for this book.
But, before I went out on that wild goose chase I tried to get it for free from the library. The day it came out I went on to the online catalog that the Provo Library and found out that my position in the queue was 177 at the time. I thought that was crazy, but the craziest thing is that I went on again just out of curiosity tonight and the queue is now at 287, and they had to order new books! well it is utah after all, and it's provo too.
As for the book, I enjoyed it a lot. It's not for everyone, but I thought it was good. I still think that the Twilight series is much better though


slm said...

thanks for saving me from reading the book!

bennet said...

So true it's no Twilight but I enjoyed it none the less...