Monday, April 28, 2008

It's movie time

This is such a sweet film with really good music. I recommend it to all those who really appreciate real musicians that make real good music. The film is rated R for language but if you could find an edited version watch it, or even listen to the music on youtube. The music is so great it even won an Oscar, which was very deserving, for their song "Falling Slowly"
Such a cute movie that is good for the whole entire family. The film is very clever, funny and very clean. And personally, I thought that Christina Ricci looked real cute with a pig snout as opposed to being repulsive.
I love watching and reading historical fiction, and this was one to add to the collection. Even though the main plot of this film is fictional it made for a great drama and gave you a little peek into the real life of Mozart, whose life story i had never heard of before.

*you can tell that i have no money for anything but the dollar theater and red box... yay for watching movies for a dollar or less!


bennet said...

Lovely I love you've got yourself a job....what do you think?? what does a critic major in? film perhaps?? i really think you should look into this!!

I'm Crystal. said...

We are all about the Red Box, and yay for us, we just discovered a dollar theater here.
I remember watching Amadeaus in junior high choir. It's probably the only thing I recall from junior high choir.
I'll look into Penelope. We're always on the lookout for family friendly stuff.

mj said...

I always knew you were a movie critic. you should follow your passions.

Naco said...

Oh I wanna see Penelope! And I've never heard of ONCE, but now I know I gotta check it out @ once! lolz...