Tuesday, June 24, 2008

my three

3 joys
- being an aunty
- reading a good book
- being with family

3 fears

- rotten teeth. seriously i had a nightmare about that once
- losing a family member
- growing old alone

3 goals
- focus on school and sort out my life
- travel somewhere that is really foreign like in the eastern hemisphere, not including the pacific. even if it ends up being estonia or some random place that no else knows of, i don't care
- learn a new language

3 current obsessions/collections

- books, i read three over the weekend
- watching movies online because i can't afford the real thing
- uh, youtube

3 random surprising things you never knew about me
- i have a routine when i brush my teeth and once upon a time i used to count brush strokes. i was slightly ocd as a kid
- i am slightly afraid of fish and coral so i don't really like snorkeling
- i was scared of using that bathroom in the middle of the night because i thought the toilet sounded like a monster so would flush the toilet and run back to bed

thanks to nila, you now know a little more about me. and everyone that i would tag has already been tagged so oh well


mj said...

so if my child is OCD I can blame you right.

Crystal said...

lol! About 2 or 3 years ago I had a nightmare that all my teeth fell out. I haven't missed a day of flossing since!
Estonia? Send pics.

bennet said...

hmm...perhaps we can hit estonia together when i finally can prove i've been born...LOL...

angie said...

i had a home teacher who served there and it was the most random place that i could think of